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Automatic Rotary Egg Carton Production Line

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The automatic rotary egg carton production line is composed of a pulping system, forming system, drying system, stacking system, vacuum system, high pressure water system and an air compressor system. It is specially used to produce egg cartons. (10cells,12cells,15cells,18cells egg cartons). Using waste paper such as waste newspaper, waste carton paper, office paper, scrap and other materials as raw materials, a slurry is prepared with a certain concentration through hydraulic crushing, filtration, water injection and other processes, and is vacuumed on a special metal mold by a forming machine. It is absorbed into a wet billet, dried by a drying line, hot pressed on the line and then stacked.
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The host system consists of a rotary forming machine, a six-layer drying line, a conveyor line, a fully automatic hot press machine and a stacker. The biggest feature of the production line is that it can complete online automatic hot pressing, with a high degree of automation, which greatly saves labor costs.
Specification as below
Models EC3600
Production line composition Forming System: 2drop/4drops/8drops rotary (with the function of washing mold / product burrs, equipped with preheating system) 
Drying System:6 layer drying line/8 layer drying line
Hot Press System:2 trays, 3tray or 4trays each time
Stacking System:two channel stacker ; three channel stacker ; four channel stacker(with automatic counting function)
Forming platen size(mm) 1900x400
design capacity of production line(based on 30cell egg tray) 3600pcs/hour
Forming Type Rotary Suction molding
Forming cycle time ≤20 plates/minute
Mold Distribution 6pc/drop; 8pc/drop(basing on 10/12 cells egg tray)
Product height ≤70mm
Heating fuels Gas, Thermal oil, LPG, LNP or steam(if with steam, the drying system is to be lengthened basing on the specific output capacity)
Control method PLC + touch screen
Remarks The above parameters are for reference. Due to the continuous development of technology, relevant data will be continuously updated



1.Large output and high return on investment
Capacity is from 2200-9600pcs/hour
2.high degree of automation,hot pressing through the line
4-5 operators are needed only.
3.Energy aving
Multi-layer high-efficiency drying line, saving natural gas.



The following data is for reference only, and can be customized according to the specific needs of guests.


Models Output Capacity Floor Staff Electricity Water
EC2700 2700pcs/hour 45×24Height≥4M 4persons/shift 150-180KW/Hour 0.4-0.6Tons/Hour
EC5400 5400pcs/hour 60*24Height≥4M 4persons/shift 240-280KW/Hour 1.6-1.8Tons/Hour
EC9600 9600pcs/hour 70*24Height≥4M 6persons/shift 360-420KW/Hour 2-3Tons/Hour