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BST, the strongest voice for Chinese pulp moldingNews

In 24 years, the track has grown from a staggering start to serving more than 400 customers around the world. BST has released a distinctive running power, and also shows the growth of a benchmark pulp molding enterprise.

In 1997, the BST team began to manufacture molded pulp products.In the past 24 years, our team has always focused on the professional field of "pulp molding". In the spirit of making more refined and stronger, our business has been continuously extended to the whole industry chain of pulp molding.

Over the years, BST has not only been limited to the domestic market, but also been recognized by international customers and manufacturers, and has become a world-class leader in the pulp molding field.


Under the COVID-19 test, the automatic high-speed tableware production line, automatic high-speed egg box production line and automatic urinal-pot production line of the European project of BST have been successfully delivered, successfully entering the European market and ranking among the top in the industry in terms of market share.In many European local strong competitors, successfully conquered the rigorous European customers, for the Chinese pulp molding issued the strongest voice.

Today, BST has developed into an important supplier of high-end pulp molding equipment, molds, and pulp tableware products, providing customers with one-stop solutions for pulp molding projects.BST will always keep in mind the mission of "service, sharing, co-creation and symbiosis", play its role as a benchmark, and contribute to the high-quality development of pulp molding in the world!