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Fully-automatic High-end Industrial Packaging Pulp Molding Production Line

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The fully-automatic high-end industrial packaging pulp molding production line is composed of a pulping system, host equipment, vacuum system, high pressure water system and an air compressor system, and is used to produce high-grade lining or outer packaging. The production line uses sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, reed pulp, straw pulp and other pulp boards as raw materials, and is blended into a slurry with a certain concentration through hydra pulping and a refining processes. Wet blank products are formed through vacuum with the pulp evenly attached on the metal mold, and then subjected to drying, hot pressing, trimming, stacking and other processes.
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The characteristics of the host system are integrated with forming, hot pressing, trimming and stacking, which are automatically and continuously completed, saving labor costs. The equipment has the advantage of fast speed, high precision and high accuracy of repeating positioning. It is suitable for producing a variety of complex products with cold pressing function, and it can produce small-angle products (partial zero).
The specific parameters are as follows:
Model TSMP-9570
Equipment composition Forming, hot pressing, trimming, stacking
Platen Size 1000mm*750mm
Capacity Each Machine  100,000pcs/day (basing on 80 cup lids) or 300-500kg(High-end Industrial Packaging, Capacity differs according to specific style)
Outline Dimension(mm) L 10700 * W 3290* H 3800
Forming Type  Single-sided flipping suction molding
The forming minimum shut height is 130mm(mm) 120
Hot-press standard mold closing height(mm) 220
Forming Pressure 5T
Hot pressing pressure 30T
Trimming Pressure 60T
Product Height(mm) ≤80
Workable Product angle (degree) ≥10
Heating method electricity Electricity
Control method Control method PLC + touch screen
Remarks The above parameters are for reference. Due to the continuous development of technology, relevant data will be continuously updated



1.High Automation
All the processes are completed automatically through the line.
2.Capable of producing small angle products
The equipment has high positioning accuracy and cold extrusion function.
3.Fast speed, high precision and good controllability
The whole machine is driven by servo motor.



The following data is for reference only, and can be customized according to the specific needs of guests.


Models Output Capacity Floor Staff Electricity Water
FP2000 2000Kg/day 24*18Meters, height ≥6 meters 3persons/shift 210-230KW/Hour 0.05-0.1Tons/Hour
FP3000 3000Kg/day 24*18Meters, height ≥6 meters 6persons/shift 300-320KW/Hour 0.1-0.2Tons/Hour
FP4000 4000Kg/day 24*36Meters, height ≥6 meters 7persons/shift 410-430KW/Hour 0.2-0.3Tons/Hour
FP6000 6000Kg/day 24*48Meters, height ≥6 meters 9persons/shift 580-600KW/Hour 0.3-0.4Tons/Hour
FP8000 8000Kg/day 24*72Meters, height ≥6 meters 11persons/shift 1070-1090KW/Hour 0.5-0.6Tons/Hour
FP10000 10000Kg/day 24*72Meters, height ≥6 meters 14persons/shift 1280-1300KW/Hour 0.6-0.7Tons/Hour