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Automatic Industrial Packaging Pulp Molding Production Line

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The automatic Industrial Packaging pulp molding production line is composed of a pulping system, forming system, drying system, vacuum system, high pressure water system and air compressor system. It is used to produce electronic product packaging, small home appliance packaging, industrial parts shockproof inner packaging, paper care, and paper lining products. Using waste paper such as waste newspapers, waste carton paper, office paper, scraps, etc. as raw materials, it is formulated into a slurry with a certain concentration through hydraulic disintegration, filtration, water injection and other processes. Wet blank products are formed through vacuum on the metal mold. The billet is dried by the drying line and then completed.
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The host system consists of a forming machine and a single-layer high-efficiency drying line. Flexible production; can produce a variety of products; high efficiency and energy saving.

Specification as below

Model IP2000
Production line composition Forming System:Forming System: reciprocating forming (with the function of washing mold / product burrs, equipped with preheating system)
Drying System:single layer high efficient drying line
Hot press system: Manual hot press
Forming platen size 1200x750
Design capacity of production line(based on 30cell egg tray) It is determined by the product produced (involving product layout / product weight)
 Forming type  aspiration et formation de la pâte alternative
Product height ≤200mm
Heating fuels Gas, Thermal oil, LPG, LNP or steam(if with steam, the drying system is to be lengthened basing on the specific output capacity)
Control method Méthode de contrôle PLC + écran tactile
Remarks Les paramètres ci-dessus sont fournis à titre de référence. En raison du développement continu de la technologie, les données pertinentes seront continuellement mises à jour.



1.High efficient and energy saving 
6 layer high-efficiency drying line, saving natural gas.
2.high degree of automation 
4-5 operators are needed only.
3. Production flexible
Can flexibly produce electronic product packaging, small home appliance packaging, industrial parts shockproof inner packaging, paper Care, paper lining,etc.
4.Easy Operation and Maintenance
The operation is simple, and ordinary operators can perform maintenance.                                                                                           


The following data is for reference only, and can be customized according to the specific needs of guests.


Models Output Capacity Floor Staff Electricity Water


50*12 Height≥4M 4-7 persons/shift 100-150KW/Heure 0.5-1M3/Heure
IP5000 5Tons/day 60*12 Height≥4M 5-7 persons/shift 150-190 KW/Hour 0.6-1.5CBM//Hour
IP6000 6 Tons/day 65*12 Height≥4.5M 6-8 persons/shift 160-210KW/Hour 0.75-1.5CBM/Hour